"Rebuild" hassio plugins docker containers, like hassio-observer, to fix incorrect supervisor_token env variable?

Trying to understand how the hassio “framework” manages these plugin containers. Specifically my hassio-observer has been spewing 403s and has been for sometime, as the supervisor token env variable stored in it’s docker inspect is NOT correct.

Is there a “supported” way to recreate this docker container? or better stated…am I going to break future hassio management and updates if I manually recreate the observer container?

Well I solved my supervisor_token being incorrect without rebuilding (see post here for steps - Help! 2021.11 Supervisor tab does not load + 403 errors in log - #11 by smartandy)…

but I am still interested in understanding if say one of the hassio containers (e.g. hassio_ioobserver) was deleted, is there a command that would recreate the container?