Rebuilt from scratch but Tasmota plugs are not registering

As above - i was having various problems so i called it a day on the current build and started again from scratch…im still configuring but one thing as above is the tasmota plugs have not changed themselves - ive setup tasmota again on home assistant but the tasmota plugs are not chiming in and registering…i can get to their webpages and theyre all working fine…is there anything i can do to help them along?


Has your mqtt broker login changed?

No - using all the same account details…definately made sure of that! weird isnt it…id have thought they would have just all “appeared”!

Could i just confirm where the mqtt broker username and password goes…there is a few places it needs to go from what i remember!

Depends how you are running it. I use HassOS and the Mosquitto addon. As such, logins go in the addon config as per the docs. This then obviously has to match what is in the mqtt config of your device.

Best way i think to check if this is your issue is to go onto web page of 1 of your devices and do a restart then look at the console and see if it is connecting.

EDIT: if you were using the homeassistant user and password that is created by the addon, likely the password will be different as it is random when installed

Hi - no, not using the standard login. On the first build of my HA i followed a youtube walkthrough and created a separate account for use ( i used dedicated account ) then the other day when i rebuilt i used the same account name and details (assuming that when the add on was setup the bulbs would re-appear) - ive not been back to it but i will be tonight. Many thanks for the reply back.

I can see my problem but not sure where to look on Tasmota…in the console on one of the plugs its looking to connect to the old ip of the Home assistant…where in the tasmota config do i change that?


Edit: just found it!!