Receive NL-Alert

Does any one knows if it possible to receive NL-alerts.
Want to use the nl-alert to automate some systems, like ventilation and lights in the building.

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NL-Alert is a Dutch mechanism of alerting civilians in the vicinity of a (potantial) crisis situation through their mobile phones using cell broadcast. Different from SMS, cell broadcast is anonymous and works even with a network overload. It’s sent out by the Dutch government.

We got an Alert yesterday, about a large harzadous fire, issuing the closing of doors and windows. I was away from my phone, doing some home improvement. A Home Assistant integration would be awesome. That way, I can have cloud_tts issue the alert through all speakers in the house and have the LEDs turn Red.

If they show up as notifications on the phone then I believe the app can read them.
Look at last_notification

Well there must be an API because of this… Uitbreiding van NL-Alert |

" Op dit moment kun je NL-Alert pushnotificaties via de Yazula-app en NL-Alarm app ontvangen. In de toekomst zullen ook andere apps NL-Alert pushnotificaties delen. Het ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid is in gesprek met regionale publieke omroepen om NL-Alert pushnotificaties ook te delen via hun apps."

Has scaped NL-alert