Receive Notification When LovelaceCard Breaks

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for receiving a notification (email, SMS, maybe a pop-up notification through the Android or iOS app, etc) when a card in your lovelace UI “breaks”.

The hard part about this is identifying a “break”. To me, a “break” simply means that the card is not displaying what it is supposed to be displaying. Since there are a ton of different ways any given card could “break” (device drops off network, video feed has issues, custom card has issues with hassio update, third-party API changes, etc), I’m kind of stumped regarding a good way to identify a “break”.

Maybe someone out there is aware of some kind of standardized, high-level log message that basically fits my definition of “break”? Anyone have any ideas?

That’s not the way Lovelace works. Lovelace is just a way to represent what the underlying HA is doing

there is no way for the system to know if a card isn’t working. You should see that as soon as you try to configure a card for the first time. If it shows a red box then the card is “broken”, if not then it’s OK.

As for getting notifications about devices that aren’t “acting right” then you can set up notification components to run in an automation that is triggered by the monitored device/condition.