Recent change in Recorder filtering Include/Exclude?

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed for a few days that my database size was increasing. I checked and I can find many new entities stored in database that were not recorded previously.

I have many entities automatically created that I have renamed with a suffix “_full”. For instance “sensor.pir_hue_1_battery_full” is the battery entity automatically created by Zigbee2MQTT for a Hue PIR Sensor. I’ve done this for many entities that are too frequently updated or with too many attributes for my needs. So I’ve created using templates many new entities called for instance “sensor.pir_hue_1_battery”. This is the entitity I use and want to record. It contains only the battery percentage and that’s it, way more efficient than use and record the original battery entity and sufficient for my needs.

The relevant part of my recorder configuration :

  purge_keep_days: 11
     - sensor.*_full
     - sensor.*battery

This used to work very well for my needs.
My entities “sensor.pir_hue_1_battery” were correclty recorded, and the original entities named “sensor.pir_hue_1_battery_full” were not. Perfect.
However this does not work like this anymore. Now, both are recorded. And when I look at the Recorder configuration filter help (Recorder - Home Assistant), it seems pretty logical and expected.

Any idea how I could easily get the former behaviour still using entity_globs filter and if possible without having to rename all my entities ? :slight_smile:


No idea ? :slight_smile:

I guess I will have to rename hundreds of entities then !!! :rofl: