Recent ESPHome-compatible Bulbs and Switches


I’ve got all my older ESP-based bulbs and mains switches converted to ESP-Home successfully, and most importantly, reliability has been fantastic.

I’m still pursuing my ‘all-local’ policy. My only dependency on an internet connection is operating my home via Alexa, and I’m happy with that. I never want basic control of my devices to require a server sat on some random corp’s AWS instance.

But recently it seems this goal is getting harder to follow. Most easily-available switches that I’ve bought recently seem to have moved from ESP to RTL-based controllers. Therefore, until there’s an ‘RTLHome’, those devices are useless to me. It seems to be a bit of a crapshoot, with many ‘known good’ brands silently swapping the controller without changing the model name.

Does anyone have some dependable, readily available, and safe brands for bulbs and UK mains switches that are ESPHome-flashable?

There are a couple of UK specific threads…