Recent issues with State History Graph


Not so if this is the right place or if it will be better to put this under the Home Assistant tag.

In the past days or so, I’ve noticed some odd behavior with my history graph cards. For context, I’m using Maria DB for my DB storage on a raspberry pi 3b+.

History graphs were working fine for a while for a number of different types of entities. Then I started noticed unusual things like blank areas in the graphs and line graphs with no lines at all. I’m attaching several examples of what I’m seeing.

I tried restarting HA and purging the DB, but they same types of anomalies are still there. What’s perhaps most odd is that state changes are properly recorded in the Logbook and my Node Red automations based on states are working. Has anyone seen something like this? Any advice is appreciated.

I guess you are running 0.111.2 ? There is an issue with history graphs on that version. If so, upgrade to 0.111.3. It is fixed in that version.

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Thanks for the info about upcoming 0.111.3. I had missed that issue report. You saved my from rolling back away from MariaDB.