Recieve Join Messages?

I have been using join for awhile now, but id like to be able to send join messages to ha and have ha react to those. Is it possible for ha to recieve messages from join?

I haven’t used it myself, but Join can publish to an MQTT broker (see docs). So in theory you could create MQTT sensors/switches/etc. in HA that Join can talk to and subsequently trigger automations within HA. I see they also have Node-RED support which I know many use with HA, but unfortunately I do not and couldn’t speak to how you might leverage that.

Thanks I disocered that shortly after I posted also. However I can’t figure out how to send mqtt messages with join.

As of now Join does not support MQTT with user/pass setup

i seen that. i dont expose ha anyway. my phone is set to turn on vpn as soon as i leave my wifi and off when im it connects again. It looked like from what I was trying to do might not work with join. i have some notifications being forwarded to other devices i wanted to add ha to it but for mqtt it looks like it is reguring a dif format…it is expecting the ‘topic=:=messege’ style join and tasker uses. But i got really inconsistant results when testing.