Reclaim heat pump HWS

sent you a DM.

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Thanks @b3nn and @david-collett - works perfectly for me. Happy to help out with any testing or any other way.

Great stuff, there are more controls and sensors coming :wink:

Nice, glad to hear it works!

FYI, I’ve just pushed a big update that adds the remaining controls (modes, timers, etc) and some other code cleanups.

Looks good, Dave. Would the selectors for start times be better off as sliders as users are limited to only whole hours anyways? Drop down might be good too but I’m mindful of scrolling through a list of 24 items… Either one would beat typing in the numbers.

yeah, I flip-flopped a bit on that one. I think time looks nicer and is more intuitive at least to view, but it is less usable and there’s no way to disable minutes. I have to wonder if the heat-pump itself will accept minutes…

It would be cool to see what can be done with a nice card. e.g. show only the elements relevant to the current mode and hide the rest. I’m not sure an integration can do this, it has to be the frontend i think.

I’m super excited about this but I really need some assistance.
I have no android devices and after 2 days of installing various chrome extensions and tons of malware to try and get the apk file, I think I have it. Without spending another 2 days installing something that can edit this file I’m at a loss.
I’d really appreciate a DM with the hostname, PoolID and Region if anyone feels so inclined.

Great work @david-collett ! I managed to get it working, had trouble finding the hostname in the APK, but got it via a packet sniffer.

Working well for me now !


Those values aren’t considered sensitive by amazon aws, so I should be able to publish them. I’m just treading lightly for the moment. I have contacted reclaim, hopefully they are encouraging of this effort and I can try and get the integration into the main home assistant repo which would be great for all!

I reached out to Reclaim a couple of weeks ago about why they’ve dropped the Solar Analytics integration trial, and possible Home Assistant integration.The Solar Analytics feature was dropped as it was one way and only sharing data.

They’re working on an open API which may be be available in about 6 months…

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What do you suppose open API means, more amazon hosted stuff I assume?

For home assistant, I’d rather have local control, perhaps through some http urls on the controller, or even being able to configure it to connect to your own mqtt server instead of (or as well as) amazons.

FYI, I’ve just pushed an update that adds many more sensors (disabled by default)

Cheers for that, I have all the hot water sensor data I could ever hope for now :smile:

I also want local control if at all possible in HA, never been comfortable about cloud control.

“WiFi API and/or modbus i/o on the controller to enable BMS/EMS integration” was also mentioned in another conversation with them, so I’m hopeful they’ll give us this as an option down the track.

I’m really stuck at the values. Anyone able to help me please?

All good now. Big thanks to @david-collett !

I am also struggling with the setup of this integration. I have found the PoolId and Region in the APK but can’t find the hostname.

Any assistance greatly appreciated as I am trying to get my system to boost every day when OVO gives free electricity but also just boost 24/7 if needed.

I’ve just committed the missing parts to the repo to make it easier.
I think I’ve also added the relevant metadata to be used with HACS as a custom repo.

If you’d like to try that installation method, instructions are here:

Note that I haven’t tried it yet!