Recognising a new WiFi card in HAOS

I recently installed an Intel 8265NGW Wifi and Bluetooth M.2 card into my Dell Optiplex 3050 MFF (Intel i3-7100T) on which I run the Home Assistant Operating System.

When I restarted HA, the Bluetooth component was immediately recognised but not the WiFi component. Is there some manual step I need to take to stimulate recognition and configuration of WiFi?

I am an HA newbie and the HA WiFi documentation is not all that clear to me, so answer in plain English please!

I have exactly the same problem: Intel AX210 in a Fujitsu Futro s740, bluetooth works immediately but WIFI does not. In an other Linux-OS I tested on the same machine, the card works with both functionalities. An old USB-WIFI-Adapter works without problems.

Did you find a solution because i have the same problem.

I ended up uninstalling the Optiplex WiFi card. I connect to the router using an Ethernet cable and use an external Bluetooth dongle. Both the Feasycom FSC-BP119 (CSR8510A10) and the LM Technologies LM1010 (BCM20702A0) work well and have antennas for longer range.

Any news with this card ?