Recognizing and Determining Path of Insteon 2448A7 USB Stick

I am attempting to get HA to recognize my 2448A7 Insteon USB stick, but to no avail. USB Discovery as described in the HA documentation does not seem to be working. I have ensured that default_config: is included in configuration.yaml, but I have also tried adding usb: in the configuration.

HAos is installed directly to my Intel NUC:

 Home Assistant 2022.7.0 
 Supervisor 2022.07.0 
 Operating System 8.2 
 Frontend 20220706.0 - latest

There was some interesting info on another post, but there is no indication that individual ever got it working. The OP stated that one could go to Supervisor and select the System tab at the top, and under the Host panel find a menu that displays hardware info, including the USB definitions, e.g:

 ttyUSB0: /dev/serial/by-id/usb...
 ttyUSB1: /dev/serial/by-id/usb...   and so on

However, with the HAos install, Supervisor shows as an integration and not in the side menu as I experienced with other HA installations I’ve played with (on Debian, Ubuntu, etc.). I’ve browsed through the Devices and Entities sections of the Supervisor integration, but do not see any references to hardware, as mentioned above.

I’ve plugged/unplugged the 2448A7 several times, and have gone so far as to power down/restart the NUC, but HA apparently doesn’t recognize the Insteon stick.

What am I missing? Do I need to manually install the Python Insteon Package, or does that assume that HA is already recognizing the USB?

My Universal Devices ISY994ipro was detected, but I have held off on configuring that integration, in hopes of using the USB stick and eventually being able to shut down ISY and get away from the 2413S PLM.

Would greatly appreciate any insight any of you could provide.


Found it!

As mentioned, with Supervisor now listed as an integration and no longer appearing in the sidebar, the system hardware information can be found at Settings | System | Hardware, clicking on the three dot ellipsis in the upper right corner and selecting All Hardware.

My only USB attachment to the NUC showed up under ttyUSB0. From there I was able to get the device path and successfully installed the Insteon integration.

Now I have to figure out how to add a few devices…


@dbb1, thanks for the note and the update. Sorry for the delay. To add a device to Insteon you need to link the device to the modem (Hub or PLM). You can do this a few ways. The easiest way is to use the Insteon panel on the side menu. this will show a list of devices. In the lower right corner you can press the “Add device” button to link a device to the modem.