Recomended Energy meter


I’m searching for a good Energy meter for almost 8 channels using clamps.

I know about Shelly EM and I’m using it in some cases but Shelly didn’t launch it in Plus model and Pro models are expensive for multiple channels.

I have also seen Iotawatt but i think its difficult to get almost in Spain.

I have recenty seen that Emporia has launched Vue Gen3 version and seems to be very good hardware (I haven’t found so much information about it’s precission).

But the inconvenient about Emporia is that it doesn’t have local API. I have seen HACS integrations and also the possibility to put ESPHome…

Do you recomend Emporia? Are third party integrations working well? It’s working well with ESPHome? (I’m not an expert with ESPHome).

Note: I’m from spain and we have 1 phase at 230V.

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Shelly EM has local api

Yes, I know. But I was searching for monitoring almost 8-10 channels. With Shelly EM could be very expensive …

Shelly EM has 2 chanels and cost’s around $50
What’s the problem of not being “plus model”?

You probably need to consider reliability and accuracy too, if you go too cheap.

I have a few Shelly EMs myself.

For a bank like you want, maybe also consider ESPHome. Look at the electricity section.

Forgot to add: here’s a 12-channel option:

Shelly really made their circuit/tuning well, I have never seen a device that can handle different type of loads well as it does. Triac regulated loads are often difficult to energy monitors, also small current draws. Shell EM has no problem, it can accurately measure super noisy loads and tiny (~1W) loads as well.

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I have commented about plus model to have latest features that Shelly is offering with Plus models and ESP32. The old ones are not so updated …
In Spain Shelly EM + 2x50A Clamps cost about 80€

If I have to monitor 10 channels I need 5. So …400€

I see that it’s 6 channels but I will take a look, I didn’t know about it.

Yes, I know, shelly makes really good and quality devices!
Do you think that Emporia doesn’t have similar accuracy? I have mentioned it because seems to be good device with enought channels, with the only inconvenient of not having local API (oficially).

I’m not searching for the cheapest solution, I like good devices but also is good a balance between quality and price …

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I really can’t tell because I never tried Emporia. Depends also what kind of loads you have. Even the cheapest crap can measure 2kw resistive load well enough, but when your loads are less simple (electronics, inverter air cond, dimmers etc.) they fail.

I have the Emporia Vue Utility Connect (no clamps, just Zigbee to my meter) with the HACS integration and it’s working well, but I too would like individual branch circuit data so I’ve been closely watching the discussion at this GitHub forum on the Vue Gen3, to see any issues/progress being made. It looks very positive. Both the Gen2 and Gen3 use ESP32 which supports esphome with a local (encrypted) API, a REST API, and MQTT. Relatively easy to flash, although requires a CP2102 USB adapter and basic soldering skills or a BDM frame to hold the leads.

Recommend contacting Emporia about usage in Europe; this blog has a few caveats worth asking about.