Recommend an LED matrix device? For emoijis & messages ๐Ÿ‘พ

Can you recommend an LED message display that has good established integrations into HA?

  • Easy as possible, no build, no soldering, just a plug & play device
  • Exposed as an HA device to output messages, notifications, status etc with text and emojis/icons
  • Wifi, Zigbee, Matter or whatever - not fussy
  • Looks good on display on a table top or wall mounted
  • 8-bit esthetic rather than high resolution screen (like picture below)


Does something like this exist? Would love to hear what you are all using!

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You mean in addition to the LaMetric clock you showed an image of?

Thereโ€™s also the Ulanzi TC001 which has a number of ways of integrating with HA.

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Amazing, thank you for the fast recommendations. It wasnโ€™t obvious what the top options were as there are so many devices out there. I will consider LaMetric vs ULANZI.

@nickrout has provided a very powerful integration into ULANZI, but what are the top HA integration projects for LaMetric?

HA has native support for LaMetric - just look at the integrations page