Recommend Mail service for SMTP Component

Anyone have any recommendations for SMTP servers they use and find them to be solid.

I set up the compoment a few weeks ago using Gmail, and it seems to stop working after a few days. Sometimes a restart of HA gets it going again. Not sure whats going on but I suspect that maybe it’s gmail?

Really just looking for how well this component is working for others with Gmail. I was thinking about moving it to just to see, but could not find thing in the forums about people using it so thought I’d start here.


How are you using gmail? I have a vm with postifx wich uses gmail as relay, and it’s running for a few years without problems.

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure what you mean? I’m just using the SMTP component, and using Gmail as the SMTP server.

Sorry… I think my setup doesnt apply to you. I have a vm on my network that works as a mail server for the others, so the other machines never sends email directly to the internet. Anyway, I have been using the gmail as a relay for a while, so the problem may not be the gmail.

I use gmail for notifications and it has been rock solid for me. Are you getting any errors in the log?

Resurrecting an old post because for some reason as of about a week ago gmail stopped working for me. I have moved over to outlook which seems to be working fine. Not sure why gmail stopped but wasn’t in the mood to troubleshoot further.

Gmail is working for me still, no recent changes. I get a daily e-mail so I know its working.

config is here:

The secrets are nothing special, just gmail e-mail addresses. The password is an app specific password.

I did google’s security check up and I have a sneaky feeling that is what stopped gmail from working for me. Not a big deal since my main email account is with outlook anyways and after making that change this morning it appears to be working fine.