Recommend me a lighting module (with everything)

Hi all,

I’ve spent the last few days/weeks searching for answers but feel a little lost so decided to consult the hive mind.

I’m after recommendations for a lighting module it’ll need to be reasonably priced as I want to eventually replace all my lights.

My questions are:

  1. is there a module that’ll do both power monitoring and dimming? I’ve scoured Ali express but can’t find one with both.

  2. if I opt for a dimmable one, will I need different switches - at the moment I have the traditional on/off rocker type switches, I did read somewhere that zigbee2mqtt has the option to use them? Also, I don’t mind and in some ways would prefer it if the switch literally just turned them on or off, I’ll use HA to set the dim level.

  3. I haven’t got anything zigbee, but I’m keen to keep it out of the cloud, I really don’t want tuya if I can avoid.

  4. I have a couple 2 way switches, I’m pretty confident I know how to do it but if anyone has any learning experience/tips I’d be keen to hear from you.

So with all that in mind please fire away with your recommendations.

Thank you in advance

Not really a bulb and not really cheap, but the Shelly Dimmer 2 can have both. And you can connect it to an existing switch and do exactly what you are asking for on your items 2, 3 and 4.
This one is WiFi, not zigbee.

Thanks for your recommendation, I love the shellys and it does do literally everything I want, but just too expensive :pensive:

Philips Hue bulbs come without monitoring, but the powercalc integration have mapped many of the bulbs, so monitoring work through that.

Your existing rockers turn off the power and that means you can not control the bulbs until they are fully up and running and connected to the home automation system again.
You might be able to wire the rockers differently, but it is also highly likely that you need to switch the rockers or add a smart button extra.

If you choose to continue to use the rockers where they cut the power to the bulbs, then be aware that the bulbs will restart in the settings they have stored in their internal software.
With Philips Hue bulbs this setting can be set by the user, but other brands might not have this feature and will just turn on with full brightness.

Whilst I realise price isn’t directly correlated to safety, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to be paying €30 for a module that does all of that. I think I’d be nervous installing anything less “reputable” than that — and if I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t fit it.

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Thanks all for your replies, I may have incorrectly worded my original question, I’m not after a bulb, just the module that would go behind the switch, for example the shelly.

I do have a shelly and love it, but I’m also aware that I can get similar kit that’s kite marked for a lot cheaper. Its not a case of affordability, but if I can save money I will. Obviously, maintaining safety is number 1, so that’s why I’m asking for recommendations of tried and tested modules. :+1:

If it is from China, then you can not really trust it.
China does not enforce trademarks that hard and the Kitemark and CE marking is often just printed on products.
CE Markings is actually the responsibility of the importer to the European Union, so manufacturers outside EU can just print it as they like.
Kitemark is a small firm that have trademarked it and try to enforce it, but they have no way of controlling the chinese market places. Kitemark only means something in UK and if you can get a link from the Kitemark homepage to the manufacturers abroad.

OK thanks everyone but back to the question… Does anyone have recommendations? As in what do they use? Ones that are tried and tested…