Recommend me a Zigbee gateway :)

Hello! I have a HAMA thermostat (I have many devices from them like wifi bulbs etc. I use Tuya not the official HAMA app) Other devices I have but don’t need a gateway I have sonoff switches, octoprint, broadlink switch, broadlink RM pro (for RF and IR), a couple of led strips, cameras etc. The HAMA thermostat only works from Zigbee but I don’t have any gateway yet. I’ve looked at a lot of reviews and can’t decide. I’m thinking between SkyConnect or Sonoff I would like to read your experience and advice. And I also have a feeling about the device for the future.

I have a Sonos 3.0 USB Dongle Plus. HA running under Proxmox. Works fine. I can’t remember if there was any nuance to getting it setup, so it must have been easy.