Recommend smartlock for double glazed door (UK)

Hi All,

I know this has been discussed but I just wanted the “current” opinions here. Can someone in the UK who has bought a smart lock for their UPvc standard double glazed door recommend what you’ve bought and the fact it works with HA please?

I’ve read some success stories using yale locks on here… however the links in such threads generally point to discontinued products.


do you currently have a night latch or 5 point lock?

no and I forgot to mention, like every other upvc double glazed door out there you have to lift the handle in order to lock it… will for instance a yale smart lock even work with that?

The yale Conexis L1 is looking promising from the threads I’ve read… any thoughts on this?

Yeah, it should work. Ive got a five point locking mechanism and i recently replaced Yale Keyfree with Conexis L1 - both work perfectly fine with Zwave, althought the first one was struggling with Zwave Plus.


I have a Nuki on my back door, which is now working really well. A big plus is that no work on the door is required - it fits over they key and turns it for you. Sounds a bit Wallace & Grommit, but it’s very well designed and built.

You do have to remember to push the handle up every time you close the door, which may be a problem if several people use it. Living alone, I got into the habit very quickly.

The Nuki website has a good help page to establish whether your door is suitable.

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