Recommendation for a CW/WW LED driver with ZigBee and Z2M?

Hi all,

I have bought a Gledopto CW/WW ZigBee LED driver, which causes me nothing than troubles:

  • it announces itself as ZigBee router, but doesn’t route properly. Hence, every device connecting to it looses the connection.
  • it only reports one LQI value when creating a network map in Z2M. Very likely related to the problem mentioned before
  • I tried to control it with an Ikea Treadfri with an ControllerX automation, but this fails for some errors. I was able to control another light with the same automation. Hence, it’s very likely the problem is related to some crap with the Gledopto. As I want to get rid of it anyway, I didn’t dig deeper into it.

Long story short: I am looking for an substitute for the CW/WW LED driver. Is there something not to expensive you can recommend to me?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @EspWhaleSong did you find a good alternative? Maybe even WiFi?

sorry for the late response…
I finally bought this device from amazon. It works like a charm since several months.
Highly recommended.

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Had it in the mail yesterday. Works seamlessly with ZHA. Thanks for the review.

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Good to hear :slight_smile:

It really would be great to have a review page in the ZHA and Z2M device pages.
I really wasted a lot of money on half working devices from AliExpress…

I’ve found the mini Gledopto RGBCW devices are quite reliable.

Of course there is the great comparability list by @blackadder MiBoxer Dual White LED Controller (Zigbee 3.0) FUT035Z Zigbee compatibility.

oh thanks! Didn’t know this one.