Recommendation for Air Conditioners without that "outside" module


I am searching for an air conditioner without that outside thingi. I cannot make any adjustments on the flat and even not on the walls and such. So I need a device which just stands in one room for example. Found some with a tube/hose, which leads the warm air outside of the window. But unfortunately none of them I found would work with HA.

Do you have any recommendations for a working one which can be included easily in HA? Prefered via Z-Wave, but zigbee would also be fine. Just don’t want any cloud connections. Additionaly a device which can be bought in Germany would be awesome.

I would be pleased for any recommendations. Thank you in advance.



Can’t really help on the HA part. A portable A/C with Zwave or Zigbee support is probably going to be hard to find. They usually come with a remote control though. You could try to interface to HA over that, either over IR or RF, depending on the remote type. Don’t use a smart plug to cut it’s power though. That will kill the compressor after a while.

Just a word of warning about portable A/C’s in general, from personal experience. While they seem convenient at first, they are really really loud and really really inefficient. Especially the ones with one single big hose that goes out of a window. They will create negative air pressure in the room / house, which will tremendously reduce the cooling (and energy) efficiency. If you have to get a portable mono-block A/C, try to get one with a dual hose system at least, to avoid the negative air pressure. I ended up biting the bullet and installing a split A/C (the one with an indoor unit and a separate outdoor unit containing the compressor and condenser). I still keep the portable around for occasional use, but it really uses a lot of electricity.

Hi Alex,

actually this is not my flat, therefore I unfortunately cannot mount an external device anywhere.

Because of that I asked the question :wink:



You should have a look at this video.
Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn’t like them - YouTube

Yes, thanks.

But in fact its not gonna work. It’s the same why I use atm public transports instead of my own V8, im gonna buy next year…
So here is no options. Yes, I know the efficiency is bad, yes I know also the rest, but in fact it needs to be a device like that, since I am not the owner of this house.

So any recommendation for a NON split device would be awesone.

ZWave and Zigbee devices are designed for fixed installation, the mesh aspect of their networks doesn’t like devices to randomly move around. Your A/C would be a portable device. So the chance to find a portable device using a home automation network designed for fixed installation is probably rather slim. Read zero.

So you either have to go with wifi, cloud and all that stuff. Or interface with the IR / RF of the A/C remote control (I would personally do that). Or just use the buttons manually. And that pretty much concludes your options on this one I’m afraid.