Recommendation for deepsleep wakeup on device pickup?


I’m considering starting a project for a small battery-driven remote controller for the living room table. To extend battery life before having to charge again I’d like to use deep sleep, but would like to wake up the device immediately when someone grabs it, without having to push a button first. Ideas so far:

  • capacitive touch surface on the part that you would usually touch first
  • microswitch at the bottom side of the housing (to change state when losing surface contact)
  • orientational switch on the pcb to trigger on movement aka orientation change
  • dedicated fallback wakeup button

Anyone in here who had a similar project before and could give some hints on what works well and what doesn’t?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I presume you only need to control your living room table from same room. 433mhz remote with sensor connected to Ha or infared remote with ir blaster connected to Ha. These would use the least battery.
If you wanted to use an ESP with deep sleep you will have to wait at least 6 seconds for it to connect to wifi. Using a normally closed reed switch in the power path and storing it on a magnet will save battery.

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Ah, slight misunderstanding :slight_smile: I dont want to control the table itself, i want to build a rather universal remote for various scenarios around the apartment. Potentially including a small e ink display etc. So esp is a must.
But the 6 seconds wait time are kind of a bummer, thanks for pointing that out