Recommendation for hardware for off-grid remote property

Hi everyone, I am looking to put together a home assistant box for some remote property I own. I recently built a pole-barn there, and have starlink. I have been using HA over the years, but am always confused by the ever-changing installation methods. HASS-OS, supervised, etc. I am currently running on HA on debian/docker (supervised?) on an older laptop.

I would really like to build something that is low power, but will have enough horsepower for object detection with 4-5 cameras. When I say low power, I mean preferably under 25W.

I was also wondering what folks are using for cameras these days. I have 3 reolink 410’s at home, but they have never been that great with HA. The RTSP feed seems glitchy. People seem to like the amcrests?

Anyway, any thoughts would be helpful. Maybe just get the home assistant blue?

Frigate for cams

Anything that uses hdd or ssd for server
Laptops can be good(built in battery backup)

The Amcrest cameras are typically re-badged/OEM’ed Dahua hardware, and quite a bit better than anything Reolink sells.

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