Recommendation for implementation


I am a beginner in Node-Red and have a question about how to implement the following situation.

button A
light 1: 35%
light 2: 35%
light 3: 35%
light 4: 35%
light 5: 35%
light 6: 60%
light 7: 1%

button B
light 1: 50%
light 2: 50%
light 3: 50%
light 4: 50%
light 5: 50%
light 6: off
light 7: 10%

button C
light 1: off
light 2: 20%
light 3: 5%
light 4: 20%
light 5: 5%
light 6: off
light 7: off

Button D
all lights off + all current status to off

current status button A > current status button B > current status button C
If a user clicks on a button then the status of the button should change from on to off or off to an.

Grouping lamps only works with identical values in yaml or, I can’t group different brightnesses of lamps or? Furthermore, I would like to know how I can best save and check the current status so that I can control prioritisation here. How could a solution look? A partial sketch would probably already help me. Thank you.

Use scenes in HA to create a scene. Then all the settings will be loaded when you call that scene.

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