Recommendation for Schuko (DE) smart plug with metering; tasmota prefered


I need some hardware advice. I need a smart plug with metering.

I browsed the tasmota project and found this one

Gosund SP111 Power Monitoring Plug Configuration for Tasmota (on ali for 14€ per unit with free shipping price is quite similar to sonoff)

But do you guys have recommendations? I never used that one.

I would prefer sonoff (for i have their devices since years with no issues) wifi and tasmota (im highly allergic to cloud stuff), but the R26v2 from sonoff does no metering. So Im open to anything.

The plug should not consume much for his own standby, a max switching power of 10amps on 230V is okay, however 16amps would be nice, as I have killed switches with loads that where not even close to their limits. e.g. several AVM dect 200 with 1200watts of a heater.

I dont want a battery powered plug, it should get its power from the grid.

Schuko (DE) plug. If possible, it should not exceed the footprint of a Schuko plug, e.g. if you got a 6slot extension, 6 plugs should fit in without bothering each other.

I would like to avoid any cloud based stuff, what would I do if the cloud goes down?

also I would like to avoid those wifi switched extension cords, as then all channels are switchend. But it would be a solution when accepting the mess they make where you dont need a extension cord.

Why I need such a switch:

I try to fix my horrendous stand-by consumption.

One big issue is the printer setup we use, with several gateways mounted on the printers back picky pack like analog to sip for a fax machine and Ethernet to wifi to keep it all mobile etc. It pulls about 120 watts 24/7. Thats quite some money each year in each location and not jet anything printed. I cant switch it just off after a print job with a dump plug and a timer, as its a smart printer with own hdd OS and stuff, and we lost some by folks killing the power for what ever reasons. A Ricoh Afficio 2334C. So I need to monitor the consumption, and when its all shut down properly, the I could kill it safely. Then restart it with the code from unixorns cups printer ha automation Or just have the user start it by a switch if waiting for the cups->ha is to slow, but the ON is not the issue here, the OFF is, and the users pulling plugs when the printer is hot, therefore no more plug pulling or main switch operation is allowed, what leads to horrendous stand-by consumption.

I have lots of other use cases too, like all the SIP phones, that need to be on from 8 to 5 on working days but run 24/7. Or all the workstations, even if they are used to charge the cordless stuff, 2-3 hours after work is sufficient, no need to power the whole workplace 24/7 just to charge twice a week a mouse or so. Hence the footprint request. 6 slots used by 4 displays, 1 nuc and 1 phone… a big plug like the Sonoff would make that an impossible mess of cables.

I could go on with stuff like that.

So folks, what kind of hardware are you using?

And why dont we (not necessarily HA only) have a hardware database? I found or so, but it was in a thread form 2018 and it got barely populated with stuff? Sonoff for example is missing completely.


I use “Shelly Plug S” to monitor my Washingmachine. If Power-Consumption drops below 5 W, then I know it has finished.
The Shelly-Products use Wifi, and Cloud is opt-in.

I second this! Shelly Plug S for up to 2500W with a small footprint and the bigger Shelly Plug for up to full 16A is IMHO the most reliable you can get. They include overpower/overheat protection, consumption metering, optional Shelly cloud (not required!)
Also they are not Zigbee but WiFi and offer full HA integration.

I have a dozen of both types and I have tried several other WiFi and Zigbee plugs/outlets but the Shelly ones are the only ones I fully recommend!

@Eiphu5ae & @anon94216691 thx.

shelly seams to understand the cloud issue some folks have…

They do and also the offer an open API.
Quality is also great, it’s a European company based in Hungary.

I would like to get more recommendations, if someone has some more ideas.

Thanks for clarification. and for starters I will order some shelly plug s and the Nous A1.

On further investigating this issue I also found that one other company seams to still sell the SP111 with metering function fitting for tasmota.

They labe it on amazon as tasmota compatible plug right in the head line and sell 4 for €50 with free shipping to Germany, did not try other locations.

I found it via a German YouTuber who shows how to open and flash the new Gosund plug. He also showed a Nous plug and that it was identical to the old SP111 metering plug.

To honor his work I put his affiliate link here, I have nothing to do with that affiliate link and am benefiting in no way at all from it. If you don’t like the affiliate link use a search engine and go for “Nous A1 Stecker” (Stecker means plug) affiliate link: Nous A1 Stecker

Or use the ASIN B0054PSES6 to find the product.

the plug got lots of real good reviews, also some who say the ground connection is faulty, I will certainly look into it when I reflash them. I try shelly plug S and Nous A1.

Nous is from Warsaw Poland, but I could not find it on google maps. Im sure they just resell the stuff Gosound (and likely others) dropped, maybe bought the right to use the old design and tools in same factory… would have been a smart move. Lots of folks dont like the Chinese government to have their data like their dynamic IP address instantly updated by the plugs etc…