Recommendation for simplest way to add icons/buttons inside mushroom template card

See below for an extremely “stylized” example of what I’m trying to do.

I currently have a mushroom template card representing a room. It shows the current temp and humidity and as secondary it shows the name of the room.

I’d like to add a row of icons (some should respond to double taps, others would be just indicators).
They won’t all have the light-bulb icon, I’m showing them here as an example.
I’m planning to use them for several things

  • indicate if the light in the room is being adapted
  • indicate if AC is running; double tap toggles it
  • indicate if anything is playing in the room; double tap stops it if it’s playing
  • indicates if presence detection has detected someone there
  • indicate if shades are down; double tap toggles them

As a crazy bonus would be nice to add a tiny chart showing the temp/humidity recent history but that’s probably way too busy already.

My question is this – what would be the SIMPLEST way to accomplish this?

I’ve done a bunch of research and these are my ideas but I’d greatly appreciate feedback from the more experienced HA-ers out there as I’ve already learned that there are many ways to accomplish the same thing and many are way more complicated than they need to be. HA has taught me - always choose the simplest way because there’s already way too much complexity.

  • mushroom chips
  • paper buttons row
  • custom button
  • stack-in-card or horizontal/vertical stack with custom card mod
  • picture elements card?
  • native badges card?

So I’m pretty overwhelmed in terms of options… Thank you very much.


I’d go with stack-in-card and card-mod to turn off the borders on the embedded cards. Regarding the buttons, the mushroom chips can be quite small, and a mushroom template card with no primary/secondary text achieves the same result but is more consistent with the size of other icons.

With a stack-in-card you can include whatever you like, so a chart is possible too (I tend to use mini-graph-card or apex-charts for more complex ones).

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Thank you I will explore this approach.