Recommendation for smart switch


I am looking for a smart switch with (maybe) special requirements:

I have many lightbulbs from the IKEA Tradfri System. In the past the IKEA gateway was sufficient for me, but now the way goes smarter and smarter with the ConnBee2 Dongle and sure with Home Assistant.

Now I am at the point that my smarthome expands more and more but in the daily live my wife want the easiness of the classic on / off light switch.

Now I am looking for a hardware solution that fits this needs:

  • hardware sensor on the user side …
  • … that acts as a trigger, which can be recognized for a HA automation to act with the smart IKEA bulbs
  • permanet power, for supply the IKEA bulbs with power, so they can be switched smart 24/7 by HA
  • electric style for use in EuropeanUnion / Germany
  • fits in / instead the more or less standard GIRA System 55 cover, respectively a (EU) standard flush-mounted box

Can someone give me small hint what works good, or share some of his own experience?

Many Thanks! Fabian