Recommendation for weather station (2022)

Hey, I’m looking for a recommendation for a small and aesthetic outdoor weather sensor, preferably working over WiFi or Bluetooth that would sync with Home Assistant?

I’ve seen dozens of weather stations in local electronics store (Media Markt) that look like something I would like to have (indoor display and hygro-thermometer + outdoor hygro-thermometer) but I doubt any of them can be easily integrated to HASS without tinkering?

I don’t care about wind stats, so I’m half tempted to go for Eve Weather but to my understanding it requires a hub to get synced with HASS, and doesn’t have indoor part, so it’s less than ideal. I saw NetAtmo devices but they cost an arm and a leg and still have no display 🥹

Any ideas?

I have unearthed this Eachen Wireless Weather Station does anyone know if it’s any good and if it works with HASS integration for Tuya?

I have experimented with several brands and settled on an Ambient Weather station and ECOWITT GW1000 hub. The Ambient Weather came with a hub but it was cloud based. I switched to local ECOWITT which has a great HA native integration.

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I’ve ended up going for the Ecowitt GW1104 + WH31 sensor, and so far (9 months) it’s been working like a charm. Admittedly, I had to place the gateway relatively close to the sensor, and the gateway is susceptible to some interference but it’s setup once and forget situation.

I still don’t have a nice screen for it but I’ll figure something out. I was considering Tidbyt but it’s a tad too expensive.

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Checked your needs, i think this meets you :Weather Station for Home Assistant/ ESPHome | Makerfabs