Recommendation Marantec 260 comfort/garage door components

I would also like to control my garage door via HA.
The engine is a marantec 260 comfort. Does anyone have good recommendations on what components would be needed.

The Maveo starter pac is almost more expensive than the engine itself, are there any alternatives?

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I am also wondering about converting a Marantec 150 Comfort. I found this, but I am sure that costly thingy is just sending 12V to the connectors #1 & #2. If it is 12V (the manual mentions "below 24V as control voltage), it should be possible to use a Sonoff 12V (somebody converted a gate motor in this way).

But I am just thinking loud now. What do you think?

Meanwhile i installed the meross Garage Door Opener (MSG100).
So far it works fine. Also with the local meross integration. Price is also better than the expensive Maveo

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I’ve just set up an ESP32 to control my Marantec Comfort 370.
The ESP32 has a 5V relay module connected to one GPIO pin, and a reed switch connected to another. The reed switch is mounted on the wall just above the top of the door, with a magnet mounted onto the door itself. The magnet is positioned to sit just under the reed switch when the door is closed.

The NO and COM terminals of the relay have wires going to pins 1 & 2 of the XBO3 port of the motor unit.

I have a button in HA which when pushed closes the relay for 500ms then opens it again, which is what commands the door to open/close/stop The reed switch is to tell HA whether the door is fully closed or not. I am waiting for another reed switch to be delivered whcih will be installed on the door track right above the point where the magnet stops when the door is fully opened. This will tell HA that the door is fully opened. With that, HA will know that the door is either Fully Opened, Fully Closed, Unknown - i.e. opening, closing or stopped in between. A fourth state, where both relays are closed would be an error state.

For easier updates to the code on the ESP32, I am using ESPHome to program the card. The code below is my current WIP code. The commented out sections are because I don’t yet have the second reed switch installed.

  name: garage_door_controller
  friendly_name: Garage Door Controller

  board: esp32-s3-devkitc-1
  variant: esp32s3
    type: arduino

    - ssid: !secret ssid
      password: !secret wifi_pwd


    key: "noneOfYourBusiness"

  password: "Nope"

  - platform: gpio
    name: "Garage Relay"
    icon: "mdi:garage"
    pin: GPIO15  # Pin 15 for the relay
    id: garage_relay

  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO14  # Pin 14 for the LED
    id: garage_led_output

  broker: "homeassistant.local"
  username: !secret mqtt_user
  password: !secret mqtt_pwd
  discovery: true
  discovery_prefix: homeassistant
    topic: homeassistant/cmnd/garage/door
    qos: 0
      - switch.turn_on: garage_relay
      - delay:
          milliseconds: 500
      - switch.turn_off: garage_relay

  - platform: version
    name: "ESPHome Version"

#  - platform: gpio
#    id: garage_door_fully_open
#    name: "Garage Door Fully Open"
#    pin: GPIO45
#    device_class: garage_door
#    filters:
#      - delayed_off: 200ms

  - platform: gpio
    id: garage_door_fully_closed
    name: "Garage Door Fully Closed"
    pin: GPIO46
    device_class: garage_door
      - delayed_off: 200ms

  - platform: template
    id: garage_door_status
    name: "Garage Door Status"
    lambda: |-
      if (id(garage_door_fully_closed).state) {
        return "Closed"; // Fully closed
      } else {
        return "Open"; // Probably open
      - delayed_on: 200ms  # Delay to avoid flickering

#      if (id(garage_door_fully_open).state && id(garage_door_fully_closed).state) {
#        return 3; // Both switches closed - Error condition
#      } else if (id(garage_door_fully_open).state) {
#        return 0; // Fully open
#      } else if (id(garage_door_fully_closed).state) {
#        return 1; // Fully closed
#      } else {
#        return 2; // Unknown state
#      }
#    filters:
#      - delayed_on: 200ms  # Delay to avoid flickering

I hope this helps someone

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A new garage door with the same motor as you has been installed in my house, so I’m also looking for options to connect it to Home Assistant.

I have used the Meross garage door opener in the past and I noticed some drawbacks. The main one was I could not cancel an order, I had to wait until the door was fully closed or opened before, unlike with the remotes that came with the motor. Is it also the case for you ?

Since you last posted, are you still happy with the Meross product and your garage door ?

Yes works so far for my use cases