Recommendation on External Z-Wave controllers

I’m having thoughts off abandoning the OpenZwave integration in Home Assistant and use an external hub to integrate with Home Assistant such as Fibaro or Vera. Reason is OpenZwave sometimes lack features and compatibility.

Once it matures, I’ll probably happily switch back.

Any recommendation on external controllers? Fibaro, Vera, SmartThings, Telldus? Would be nice to hear if someone has tried several.

I use a VeraSecure as a dumb Z-Wave gateway for HA. However I am wondering if there is something better. Normally my automation has no lag, but occasionally lights take a few seconds to come on after opening the door and this morning I had a 20second lag.
What I like about the Vera is that I can treat it as an appliance, I don’t need to ever look at it, it just works.

I’m leaning to this path. Vera seems to have decent support also for Z-Wave devices