Recommendation to replace zwave stick

What is the best usb stick for home assistant and z2m?

I have a UZB1, but I am having serious network issues. It is possible that it is a faulty stick. Health check reveals most devices are 0/10. I have done multiple heals and reconfigured the devices.

This is my favorite as of now:
Aeotec Z-Stick 7 (ZWA010) Z-Wave 700 series

How does this compare to my UZB1? Is it faster or has better range?

Well, I’m hanging around this forum on daily basis for some years now, and almost never see problems with stick around here, but a lot of problems with Aeotec, especially with the 700 series.

I do have the UZB1 myself, and it runs now for 2,5 years without looking at it once…

This is a good point. What I want to fix with that is the bad health checks of 0/10 and the non responsive devices if they should send updates.

Have you looked at all the basics, like putting it on a usb 2.0 hub and using a extender cable?

Yes, I have.

HW goes bad, I keep a spare stick around. I have not experimented with using NVM backup across different vendors sticks. The simplest may to back up the existing stick and restore to an identical one.