Recommendations for a simple weather module/station without cloud


I am trying to find a simple weather station (no rain sensor or wind sensor) that does not upload the data to the cloud. I searched up and down the Internet and also read recommendations in this forum but I find it incredibly difficult to find a simple and not overly complex station/sensor. The only one coming close is one by netatmo, but if I am not mistaken, they only have stations sending all data to the cloud.

Never thought it was so hard to find something that simple and I am close to giving up on it…
Do you know a good and simple weather station that also values data privacy?

Thank you very much in advance!

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While I’m not entirely sire what you mean by “simple weather station”, the Ecowitt series of WiFi weather stations do not require any form of cloud connection.

One possibility would be to deploy the Ecowitt GW1000 gateway (interface and indoor temperature / pressure / humidity) along with a WH32 outdoor temperature and humidity sensor (or whatever other sensors you desire).

Configure the GW10000 to point at the ecowitt2mqtt broker and HA will have access to all of your local data. You can even make pretty graphs in your HA UI if you like (this is using Dwain’s Dashboard and mini-graph-card):

or use the data to drive automations.

I’m not sure if that is “simple” enough (or possibly too simple), but you certainly don’t need to have any data going to the Cloud with this approach.

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With simple, I meant without rain sensor and wind and easy to integrate.
In other words: Thank you so much, this was exactly what I was looking for. :smiley:

Cool! Good luck and feel free to ask for help if you hit a snag. A bunch of us have done this already.

My first attempt was using an HTTP endpoint in Node-Red, surfacing the various parameters as sensors in HA, but the data transfer was sometimes flaky for some reason. The MQTT broker referenced above works much better.

Thanks and much appreciated.
I will certainly come here and ask when I am having some issues. Or questions for other devices as I am just starting, both HA as well as home automation.