Recommendations for a Zigbee relay?



I’ve got a couple of existing lamps and would like to switch them using Zigbee.

Ideal requirements:

  • Small, so it can be hidden e.g. behind the wall switch or so.
  • Supports ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0, so it can also relay signals from e.g. sensors. AFAIK the Zigbee Light Link protocol can only relay ZLL signals, which doesn’t support sensors.
  • Available in Europe.

Any pointers?


Look at the Xiaomi ZigBee switch it is a socket type one so not sure if it is exactly what you want but it’s small, has physical control and combine it with zigbee2mqtt and you have a pretty cool smart switch.



Thanks for the tip!

Ideally I’d hide it inside the pattress box in the wall. Somewhere in here:

So the smaller the better!
Something like this, but with Zigbee instead of Wifi would be awesome:

Maybe I can take apart the Xiaomi socket. Do you know which Zigbee protocol it speaks? ZLL, ZHA, 3.0?