Recommendations for in-wall power measuring plugs (EU)

Hi, I’d like to set up power measuring throughout my entire apparentment, and for the total usage it seems like the shelly em should do the trick, however for plugs they only have plugs that you put into an existing plug.
I tried fitting a shelly 1PM behind an old plug, which works but there unfortunately just isn’t enough space.

So I’m looking for a built in option to just straight up replace by old plugs instead, does anyone know of a brand that has a good version of power measuring in-wall plugs, with EU (BE) socket that works with home assistant?

Walli Outlet typ F technische specificaties | FIBARO will be my choice. Yeah, not the cheapest, but you get, what you pay for.

Thanks for the recommendation!

I totally get that quality usually isn’t cheap, but at 85€ per socket it’s just simply too much unfortunately.

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They have also got Shelly Plus 1PM, is that any smaller?
Shelly Plus 1PM - Shelly Cloud

Oh, it’s actually the Shelly Plus 1PM I have, by bad!
I don’t think they are much different in size anyway though.