Recommendations for local YAML repoaitory? (+ referenced components?)

Does anyone have recommendations for keeping referenced YAML (+ other components) within LOCAL repositories? I’m trying to figure out how best to handle YAML (& referenced components) for ESPHome devices, esp. from 3rd parties like Kauf, Athom, Everything Presence One, etc.

I do like having most of the devices’ code somewhere else, and just clean simple individual device configs in ESPHome dashboard, mostly as a set of minimal substitutions. But…

  1. I’d prefer that my devices pull in code from LOCAL sources.

  2. I’d like a chance to vett the code that’s going into my devices.

  3. Very importantly, I want to control timing of updates. I don’t want new code showing up in my devices unless I’m expecting it and have approved it.

  4. i could then actually use real change control on all my ESPHome code & components, all with code that I control.

I’m assuming instead of URL’s for PACKAGES and CUSTOM_COMPONENTS and EXTERNAL_COMPONENTS (and FONTS, and what else am I missing?), that I could mostly just use relative folder / directory references?

Are there any recommended best practices for placement of such repositories? (Assuming I’m keeping it all on HA, and not on local NAS or any such?)

Thanks for any thoughts on managing this stuff

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