Recommendations for NO2 sensor

Hi Everyone,

I have setup an ESP8266 with an OLED display and a PM 2.5 and 10 sensor using ESPEasy.

Has anyone setup anything similar for measuring NO2?

I found one sensor that looks promising although I am not sure how accurate its and I am not sure if it will be compatible with ESPEasy:

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Got any news?

Not yet. I did add a c02 sensor

I am interested in adding a NO2 sensor to my current Air Quality monitoring platform (SCD30, VOC and different PM2.5 sensors attached to an ESP8266 with ESPHome) Did anyone succeed in adding the MICS-6814 or any NO2 sensor to HA?

Seems that the MICS-6814 is the most suitable one:

I didnt see any viable alternative to the MICS sensors but I wasnt convinced how accurate they might be. They seem to detect multiple things at once.