Recommendations on a home security camera for outdoor

Hey all,

I’m looking to add a new home security camera system to my smart home setup (using HomeAssistant).

What works well with HA and what doesn’t?

I want motion detection (if possible) and ability to send alerts/snapshot to smartphones based on motion, etc. 1080p or higher is a must and I need something that can look at least 30ft with good clarity. Lastly, I’d like to be able to view the camera feeds live either on smartphone or HA UI.

Thank you

Any Amcrest or Dahua….

5mp camera will work
I think all have motion sensor(based on video change not PIR) and some models add AI object detection

HA has integration that works well

They are cheap price

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Hello. I do not know which Home Assistant exactly you are using. However, I can tell you how my Vivint security cameras work. I installed five cameras. Two cameras are needed to monitor traffic in the back and front yard. Two more cameras show people in front of the door and the garage. And the last camera is inside my garage since it’s easy to get into my house through the garage. They move independently and can follow the movement. But there are three modes. I can move them remotely using an app on my phone. Each camera’s recording remains in the device’s memory for a month and then is deleted.

I have vivint hdp450 cameras. So far I have hit dead ends trying to get a live stream. Any thoughts? Not much useful info out there.

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