Recommendations on a zigbee Ceiling Fan compatible with zigbee2mqtt

Hi there,

I wonder if any of you could recommend a zigbee Ceiling Fan compatible with zigbee2mqtt. The list of compatible devices in the zigbee2mqtt webpage is surprising small.
I have found the product bellow, that seems interesting:

However, there is no official support on the zigbee2mqtt homepage. Interesting, the dimmer that is sold in the same webpage above is supported by zigbee2mqtt. Since they seem to be very similar (fan speed seem to be controlled by a dimmer), I wonder if anybody has tested the fan device before that could share his experience…

Otherwise, is there a alternative that works with zigbee2mqtt?

Thanks a lot!

I just found 2 extra options, although none of them seem to be supported by zigbee2mqtt yet:

I am a noob on the zigbee2mqtt. I wonder if it is hard to make any of them work on this platform.

Anyway, I may buy one of them to play with or opt for a wifi version that I can add to home assistant…