Recommendations on software project management apps

I’ve found a few old threads on suggestions for tracking HA projects, but I wanted to see if there were any new apps out there people are using as of current.

I’m an engineer by profession and by nature, so I don’t have a developer mindset so to speak. Up until now, I’ve used Notepad++ to track my projects, ideas, and implementations, but it’s now becoming too unwieldy to manage. I find myself getting an inch deep and a mile wide. What tools are you all using to manage your projects?

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Thanks for sharing the link to Infinity! It’s a great tool

I don’t use any apps to manage any project in general, but I do use certain services or apps to manage various aspects related to any of the projects I use.
For instance, actively use these management system features to systemize my customer relationship. It helps to group different customers in different groups and pay more attention to each one of them. It also helps to manage the project in general better because clients are forced to the forms and support and project. All the projects I have ever managed were customer-oriented, and that’s why CRM was always crucial.

It's great for jotting down quick notes, but when it comes to managing projects, it can feel like herding cats, right? For backend development projects, I recently stumbled upon Airtable, and man, it's been a game-changer for me. It's like if spreadsheets and databases had a love child – super flexible and surprisingly powerful. You can customize it to fit your workflow like a glove. I was a bit hesitant at first, being used to more traditional project management tools, but Airtable's simplicity won me over. And hey, I'm no developer either, so if I can wrangle it, anyone can! Just checked it out

What Are the Differences Between ERP and CRM Software? , and it’s got some neat insights into Airtable. Always good to learn something new.

When I stumbled upon discussions like this while searching for the perfect project management solution, I knew I had to dive in. That’s actually how I discovered monday project management, a tool that transformed my workflow. Joining the conversation can lead to awesome discoveries and connections.