Recommendations to integrate spotify + webradio into HA

I have already an up and running HA instance on my pi 3 which is serving/controlling temperature and lights.

Now I am trying to extend this by building something like a voice controlled music server which is able to play both spotify as well as (german) webradio (so probably just something like an m3u feed). It should also be possible to use spotify connect to have e. g. my iPhone play back on the pi instead of the phone.

I want to use snips for voice control, however I am just setting it up, I haven’t actually worked with it. But I am already getting the triggers with intents etc, it should not be a big deal to turn this into appropriate HA service calls (using node-red makes it even easier). The idea would be to have some functionality like “Hey snips, play radio in the living room” or “Hey snips, play the paylist foobar on spotify”.

Now about the actual music playback I am unsure how I can realize the above. I already found volumio, however it turns out to be a full featured raspberry pi image instead of just installable/downloadable software.
So this means I would be forced to competely reinstall my setup on a different raspbian distro, which I would like to avoid if possible (I would like to stick to a “clean” raspbian image if possible).

Is there any other player player which can be integrated with HA, or what would you guys recommend to implement the above?

Okay I figured out I can go the mopidy+spotify route, and so far I have it working to play both a webradio stream as well as spotify playlists. Thats great. Only thing left will be airplay, but I get its going to be rather easy using shairport, which is supposed to work together with mopidy.

However does anyone know if mopidy can be told to search or play a certain artist upon request? I haven’t found that info so far. I know I can use e.g. the iris UI to do that, and it works fine, but I want to do it headless/by voice command.

Maybe the only way to do it is something as described here with a script:

mpc clear; mpc search title "when I was your man" | mpc add; mpc play