I’m looking for recommendations for a weather station that will work well with HA. Also some light bulbs that will also work well with HA without having to have a hub. Also some plugs that can control some lights from HA

All and any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.

For weather I’m a big fan of Ecowitt. It is 433Mhz but the bonus from that is that remote sensors last years on one or two AAs. And you can start small and extend by adding sensors.

As far as bulbs and sockets go, you probably need to let us know what region you are in. Recommendations vary depending on where you live.

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I live in Canada so I have a 110 volt mains power.

I think I solve the power plug issue. I have a couple of power bars from TP-Link that work great with HA. Turns out they also have individual plugs. Thirty bucks for a 4 pack of plugs from

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