Recommended a heating control in the UK for HA?


Been using HA for a few years now and I’m just about to get my combi boiler serviced and so I thought I would also get a heating control system which works well with HA.

Can anyone recommend one ? Are Nest or Hive any good + with ok with HA?

Thanks in advance!


Nest is great but developer account creation has stopped so you won’t be able to integrate with HA unless you already have an account.

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ok thanks!

So i’m now thinking of Hive:

Any others people have used in the UK ?

I’ve been using Hive now for about 6 months. seems to work well. In a way, there is nothing to report really - it does it’s job. Ours is a hot water tank system with a non combi boiler.

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Have a look at Drayton Wiser before you jump at Hive. Local API and really good value for money compared to Hive/Nest.

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Tado works well for me.

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Thanks for the recommendations - Defo interested in the Tado / Drayton Wise ones!

@levickij - How does the Drayton ones integrate with HA? I don’t seem to see an integration page for it?

Seeing these also makes me wonder about adding radiator controls (all my radiators are Drayton TRV4 so maybe a good fit), do they both work over wifi (i think so) and do they both need an extra hub? I was wondering if there was a extra local hub element that i could install bit like the philips hub integration.

There is no official HA integration yet, But is easy to integrate via Node-Red, have a look at my other posts on this forum to see what can be done. The Wiser TRV’s link back to their heat hub 1/2/3 channel controller via zigbee, and the heat hub is normal wifi, so no additional hub, you just select which kit. You should be able to just unscrew your old trv’s and pop these on, mine are Myson brand. Call Drayton support. They are open until 8pm. I seem to recall that tado introduced a subscription, which some were not happy with, which you may need to keep your app updated I think???

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Drayton Wiser is also part of their bigger ecosystem, I am waiting for their Merten Wiser lighting product to be release later this year in the UK, and Wiser energy. Look at the following link.

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@levickij thanks so much I will check it out and look into it. It looks pretty good thank you

@ronschaeffer I’m aware that the Tado system requires a subscription for certain geofencing and other functionality. I wondered do you have the version 3 hub and do you pay a subscription or not. I am wondering about getting the version 3 hub I’m not paying a subscription if this will allow me to integrate into homeassistant

I got the Tado starter pack which includes the Auto Assist stuff, along with more radiator controls. I don’t know if they’ve changed the offer. I’ve got a v2 hub. Apparently the only thing lacking compared to v3 is Homekit. v2 has the same control features.

Two things some me on Tado: 1) Individual thermostats on the radiator valves for each room, and 2) Control for electric underfloor heating as well. Both were lacking from many of the other brands.

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@ronschaeffer k brilliant so just to clarify you haven’t got a subscription and you can control each individual thermostat you have on your radiators separately?

Yes, but it’s worth checking exactly which features are included with the Starter Kit these days before you buy.

Individual radiator control works very well. I’m reworking my HA UI at the moment and haven’t re-included Tado yet. But, here are Tado app screenshots showing individual room control.

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