Recommended Dimmer Switch to control Zig-Bee Lights

I am looking for some help/recommendation for a z-wave dinner switch I can use to control zig-bee lights. I have light panels for my basement (non-smart) and I wired in a zig-bee controller ( to them so they can be turned on/off and dimmed (0-10 volt) using Home Assistant. I would like to have a switch control in the room to turn them on/off and control the dimming. Most of the switches I find, the dimming is controlled at the switch to the light. Since I am doing the dimming using 0-10 volt built into the controller, I do not need the dimmer voltage output from the switch. I just want it to tell Home Assistant to dim the lights without using my phone, tablet, or any of the voice services.

A Zig-Bee switch is also an option, as well as linking the lights to the switch and doing it that way if that is an option.

just go with either Aqara or Sonoff Zigbee series.