Recommended Installation Method

Hi All,

I have an ESXi host which I want to setup a HA virtual guest on. What would be the best process for doing such?

I would need a step by step process as my Linux skills are none existent


I would install the linux variant of your liking and follow the virtual environment instructions.

Ubuntu server runs as an extermely lightweight package with HA, think MB of RAM not GB. However, its all command line and may not friendly for a linux novice.

If you plan on running zwave I have had problems with USB pass through. Others have had no issue, so not a deffinate roadblock but something to be aware of.


Thanks for the feed back. I would likely take the CENTOS route. Got many commands saved for that from years ago! I know its not recommended, but I would most likely run it under the root account to keep it a bit more simple.

For now, I would only be looking to run some IP Cameras, HUE Lights, Alexa and Nest Thermostats. I would like to get a smart door bell and blind opener, but not sure what they cost or how available they are in the UK.

You may want to reconsider - while this should wotk with CentOS you’re going to be on your own if anything at all goes wrong, and when you want to utilize projects/ideas/add-ons published here you may find that you’ll have a lot of changes to make in order to get things working.

I’m a VMware/Windows guy by trade but have found Ubuntu pretty easy to manage as a VM. The guides posted here can typically be copy/pasted verbatim making deployment pretty easy, but only if you’re on Ubuntu. Cent is going to take a lot of work and you wont have guides to run from.

If you want to connect to USB devices from your VM you might want to check out this approach which I’ve been using successfully for a while and which allows me to use DRS and HA whithout dropping connection via USB.