Recommended local AC mini-split control

I have a Fujitsu mini-split that I’m currently controlling with an Intesis AC Cloud Control. I find it frequently loses connection to WiFi and HA is unable to reconnect to it. Previously, I had used a Remotec ZXT-120, a z-wave based IR control. It was also flaky.

I see that Remotec now has 2 newer products, the ZXT-800 and ZXT-600. Does anyone have any experience with using these to control a mini-split? Are there other, non-cloud (!!!) products that I should consider?

FWIW I use a Broadlink RM4 Pro IR/RF remote to control my Lennox mini split using SmartIR. It’s a wifi device but it works well in my limited experience. I would guess their cheaper (IR-only) RM4 Mini would work as well; it’s cheap enough (under $20 on Aliexpress) you’re not out much if it turns out not to work for you.

Thanks for this, I haven’t seen it before. I’ll take a look at it.

ESPHome would be another possible option here - IR Remote Climate — ESPHome