Recommended relay boards/setup

I’m looking to switch pumps (each about 135W max), boilers (each about 250W max), and wax valves (each say 6W max, as I may need to switch two at once, otherwise 3W). Additionally I may want to switch immersion heaters (3KW). Probably all running at 240V AC.

I want to control the relays using an ESPHome supported microcontroller set up that can power the low draw side of the relays. It’s important that the relays are safe and can sustain being switched on for long periods (from other posts my understanding is Omron relays are better than Songle).

I already have a number of relay boards with Songle relays and ESP12F chips. The relays are rated at 10A by Songle, but I am struggling to flash the boards with ESPHome firmware, and besides I think the Songles may not fit my brief in terms of reliability and safety.

I’m happy to replace the Songle relays on the boards, or to consider other means of achieving what I want to do. All in all, I am going to need about 30 relays to do what I want to do.

If anyone could suggest a set up for this, changes to the Songle relay boards, or point me in the direction of information resources in respect of this, I’d be very grateful. Thanks.