Recommended RF Bridges in 2021

Hi There,

I’m looking to integrate RF devices into my Home Assistant configuration and reaching out to get some tips on what hardware & integrations people would recommend in 2021 based on experience.

I’m wanting to control RF capable devices like;

  • Ceiling Fans,
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
  • Motorised blinds (which I haven’t purchased yet but will likely be Somfy)


  • I’d prefer off the shelf hardware (if possible) but willing to go DIY hardware should there be benefits outside of price.
  • Price wise I’m comfortable with midrange options that work
  • Ideally, I don’t want to have to login to the cloud to enable the hardware solution.
  • Range / signal reliability is important.

My Research so far:

Bond Bridge (if I’ve got this right)


  • There is a HA integration for this
  • Bond Bridge will work over a spectrum of RF frequencies
  • The bridge will learn my remote control functions…but are these all accessible via the integration?
  • I understand the Bond connect to the network via wifi so could be placed anywhere within wireless range


  • I think (but am unsure) the device needs to be logged into the Bond cloud account to connect to HA. I’d like to avoid this if possible

RFLink (From Nodo-Shop)

  • There is a HA integration
  • DIY/Cheap


  • Hardware seems to be frequency specific. It would be great to have a gateway that covers a RF spectrum
  • Its DIY - I’d prefer an out of the box solution
  • Do these need to connect to the network via a device with USB? Or can they connect wirelessly?
  • Will RFLink learn my remote control functions?

Appreciate any suggestions and tips others may have based on their experience.

Hi wol,

Not sure if you’ve had any feedback on this, or if you have had any success, but I have also been looking into RF (and IR, and Zigbee) bridges lately. There are a couple of other options that I could suggest you also look into.

The following RF bridges are generally in the 433MHz range.

  • Sonoff Bridges (RF, Zigbee)
  • Tuya Bridges (RF, IR, Zigbee)
  • Broadlink RM4 Pro (RF/IR) - This reportedly has 433MHz, 315MHz, and IR. HA has an integration that, once the device is configured for Wi-Fi connection, will allow you to learn codes directly in HA. (I have just recently ordered this, and have a friend who has it and has found it easy to use and pretty close to being straight out-of-the-box. Once I receive it and get stuck into configuring devices, I can jump back on and give some feedback if that would be helpful).

Sonoff has an IR Bridge ?

Hmmm, perhaps I thought I had seen that, but hadn’t actually. I’ll take that out. Do you have any other suggestions for RF bridges?

I have 2 Sonoff RF Bridges, and 2 Rflinks.

Do you guys have any updates?