Recommended/tested WiFi capable humidity & temperature sensors?

Hi all-

I’m looking for WiFi-capable humidity and temperature sensors for remote monitoring (and ultimately to enable ‘mold_indicator’). I’m preferably looking for something that will accept an AC adapter so I’m not having to change batteries all the time. Can anyone recommend something that’s been well-tested and fully integrated with HA?

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I tried going down the WiFi route with the Shelly devices. Outside of these Shelly devices I never found other reasonable priced off the shelf wifi devices. You can go down the build your own espXX wifi devices, which I too tried. All that said, I ended up after also trying zigbee devices to go down the BLE off the shelf device route. There is a very good selection of quality long battery life off the shelf BLE devices, in combo with several BLE ‘collector’ software packages that work with HA and Homekit. I’ve had great success with about 20 of these devices running for two years plus.

Good hunting!

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Cgp1w has a usb port, you can power it through it or rely on the internal rechargeable battery.

It is BLE.

It is compatible with OpenMQTTGateway (esp32) and Theengs Gateway (raspberry pi, pc or other) and other gateways.

Ecowitt is local wifi and supports multiple humidity/temp sensors. Sensors are 433mhz not wifi but still wireless. The sensors are battery powered but I haven’t changed the battery in one in at least 2 years.

Do I need a gateway for it to be accessible to HA? The locations I’m placing them are isolated enough from one another that I’d need multiple gateways.

The Ecowitt will run on wifi and will talk directly to HA, no cloud needed. The 433MHz sensors talk to the ecowitt. I am not sure of the sensors max range mine are around 50-60’ away on different floors. I have my Ambient Weather station, two internal humidity/temp sensors and two soil sensors all talking to it. You might be able to run multiple ecowitts, I haven’t tried it.

That’s encouraging. I have a GW1100 gateway and a series of WH31 sensors on the way. Is there a configuration guide for ecowitt → HA integration you can point me to? I can’t seem to find anything in searching that shows a direct connection to HA, all I’ve seen is the ecowitt2mqtt proxy which seems a bit clunky (but I’ll use it if that’s the recommended option).

You install via HACS, this is the version I run

You rock. Thank you. Got it all up and running!

Hi all,

I found this because I am also looking for a WiFi sensor that can be integrated into HA (without any other GWs). I bought the Shelly H&T and can only recommend to avoid this device. I could integrate this, update and connect to my WiFi but the software is so buggy that you will not have any fun with it. (Temp is about 2-3 degrees offset than 1 hour later just 1-2; connection from WiFi drops and so on)

So is there any working solution for a temperature sensor?
If not my second choice could be a KNX Sensor. I have connected my KNX BUS to HA which works great however also there it is difficult to find something Wireless.

Thanks in advance


Hi, I’m using some T&H IBS sensors (bluetooth) and some other T&H sensors from aliexpress ( which also work via LocalTuya HACS integration).
All the above works well.
What I tipically do is to calibrate each new sensor along with a “master” sensor. (Calibration in HA by applaing a temperature offset).

But, If you want something more…I would like to suggest a sensor which includes temperature, humidity, air pressure, PM2.5, PM10
The price isn’t so high and it helps a community:

The community is German, FYI, the European distributor is this Poland store:

I’m running Broadlink’s RM Pro 4 with the usb sensor on it as well as the older EAIR air quality monitor (has sound and light sensors as well) in HaaS and they haven’t missed a beat for years, 2yr and 6 yrs resp.