Recommended upgrade steps from 0.93.1 to 0.101.2

Hey guys,

Fell a bit behind. Running hassio 0.93.1 on RPi. Most of my stuff is z-wave. The rest I can figure out one at a time.

Are there any recommended places to stop and do a config cleanup coming up from 0.93.1?

Or should I just let the built-in hassio upgrader do its thing and then clean it up?

As long as the Lovelace mostly works and the z-wave carries forward I think I’m fine doing it all at once. Just wanted to check.

Read the release notes for each version (especially pay attention to breaking changes) and run the config check add-on. There was a major change to Climate in 0.96, so pay attention to that too if relevant.

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Peel it fast like a bandaid! Then fix whatever breaks :slight_smile:

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Or you can update one version at a time and fix what breaks by using the Hassio CLI. Assuming you are using Hassio.

The command is:

hassio homeassistant update --version=x.y.z
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And maybe it’s a reasonable strategy to skip versions x.y.0 and x.y.1 :wink:

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