Recommended USB Bluetooth Adapter

I’m using Home Assistant Yellow and would like to add a USB Bluetooth adapter, preferably with an external antenna.

When reading the docs under:


CSR8510A10 - however this is a quite old chipset with Bluetooth 4.0 only (we are at BT 5.3, BT 5 has much increased range) and apparently there are many cheap adapters pretending to be a CSR8510A10. Most of the products given in the list are hard to find.

BCM20702A0 - also a quite old chipset (I can find issues from 2014 with a simple google search) and Bluetooth 4.0 only.

I’d like to know if there is a modern Bluetooth 5.x USB adapter which can be recommended for use with Home Assistant Yellow?


This may not answer your question but…

I found bluetooth worked much better when I abandoned my bluetooth dongle and used a bluetooth proxy instead.

ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy


I have a bluetooth proxy based on ESP32 running already. Unfortunately my SwitchBot curtain devices are offline a lot in HA. I was hoping a fix USB dongle would work better.

I just purchased an Asus USB-BT500 which is on the recommended list. I have not used it yet.

My Yellow has bluetooth on the pi command module but it continually drops in and out. I presume that I will have to disable it. Does anyone know if how to do this?

I have also had problems with Switchbot so I am hoping that an external usb will help.

I’ve updated the ESP32 bluetooth proxy to the latest esphome version, and also the switchbots to the latest firmware. Now it seems more stable and reliable!

I also have a few Shelly Plus (with the Bluetooth in Active mode), which I updated to the latest version. Maybe this did the difference?

Anyhow, I will keep an eye on the situation, but for now it seems I will not need a USB BT adapter.