Recommended way to change IP Address on Virtualised HASSIO


I am using the Virtual Machine image as provided on the website.

I am using VMware Workstation running on a Centos Host to host the Virtual machine.

I am in the process of microsegmenting my network and moving to new ip addressing and VLANs.

Currently i have the network adapter that is presented to the virtual machine bridged to my real network interface on the host and a static IP Address assigned.

As part of the staged migration i intend to move the host to using a Trunked VLAN for the interface and i will be attaching this to the legacy 192.168.1.x network as well as the proposed new 172.16.100.,x network.

I wish to move the Virtual machine from being attached to the legacy network and across to the new network

I am fine on the VLAN setup, etc and how to ensure that the Virtual machine is attached to the correct network. How do i modify the network config within the VM to ensure it takes up the new IPAddress ?