Recommended Zigbee / Zwave dongles

I’m just about to make the switch from SmartThings to Home Assistant.

I’ve seen (and ordered) the recommended Raspberry Pi hardware, but cannot find any recommendations on Zigbee or Zwave dongles.

Are there any dongles that serve both these? I see that it’s also possible to get pluggable add-ons for the Pi, but again, not sure what I should be looking for.

Any recommendations on appropriate dongles / add-ons, would be great.
Also - I’m in the UK (if that affects things).

Thanks for your help!

Check out - it’s awesome and works really well

This seems to be everyones favorite:

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Which is only an option in the US :wink:

The docs list the known working Z-Wave sticks - any of those will work fine. For Z-Wave you must buy a Z-Wave controller for the EU, or it work work with any devices you buy, Z-Wave is regional.

For Zigbee, it depends on the component you chose - zha, deconz, or Zigbee2mqtt. Each lists the stick(s) that are supported by that component.

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For zigbee I’d highly recommend a Conbee (or Conbee 2).

Unfortunately I bought a USB z-wave device ages ago that is no longer available it seems. It only cost be about £5.99 and shows up as a Sigma Designs USB zwave.

It was this one:

FWIW- The HUSBZB-01 identifies as “Z-Wave (Sigma Designs) UZB Z-Wave USB Adapter”

I got the same issue. ANd since the last answer is from 2019, I would like to bring this discussion to the top and wonder if there is a new and better hardware available.

For Zigbee, buy something CC2652 based. There’s a huge range of options, but Tube and Electrolama have demonstrated consistently high standards of customer service.

For Z-Wave the current “best” is Aeotec’s 700 series, though any 700 series stick is likely to be “good enough”. Aeotec have apparently invested a lot of time and effort into quality RF design, where some others just go for more power to get the same result.

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There are two versions husbz-1 (z-wave only) and husbzb-1 (z-wave zigbee combo) HTH

I have the combo stick and it’s working perfectly fine.

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